Collaborative art is any artwork that is created by a group of people. It can be as elaborate as a group mural or as simple as a drawing game that involve more than one person.

Most kids enjoy the process. I’ve had fun creating a grand sculpture out of boxes with a group of kids. But have also enjoyed times where each person does their own art and then combines them.

The best part is that each person is encouraged to contribute in some significant way to the artwork. Collaborative art offers you the opportunity to embark on a family art project that each person helps create. 


When families work on collaborative family art projects, they build  community and togetherness. Working as a team with a common goal is powerful. It is perfect if you need an emergency does of connection.

I love that these projects allow each person to explore their own unique artistic style. And have the chance to appreciate differences of others at the same time. 

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You can easily incorporate collaborative art into your family time. It is easy, uses supplies you have on hand, and is perfect for all ages!